QR Code Creation and Management- Simplified
With QRC Maker it couldn’t be easier to create, edit, and track your QR Code campaign. Create your code in minutes, and begin the process of publishing it anywhere you want, in print or digitally.

QR Codes are giving people a new way o use the mobile phone to create interactive marketing campaigns. With a quick scan of the QR Code users can access a wide variety of information and content right at their fingertips.

With QRC Maker you can create QR Codes to

  • Link to the web
  • Send a text message
  • Send an email
  • Generate a phone call
  • Send contact info
  • Send a calendar invite
  • Direct users to mobile app store
  • And more!

QR Code Tracking: Who, What Where & When
QRC Maker provides users with critical data to track the success of QR Code campaigns-even local, non-URL codes! Real-time statistics include:

  • Number of scans
  • Number of unique scans
  • Type of device used to scan your code
  • Where, when, and at what time your code was scanned

Data can be exported into various reporting formats including, .xls, .xml, and .csv. When you create your QR Codes with QRC Maker you’ll have all of the information you need to develop a successful QR Code marketing strategy.

Geo Location Data
Know where your customers are located! With QRC Maker’s interactive map you can easily see where your codes are being scanned broken down by country, state and city, with date and time information.

Track Local QR Codes
You can even track local QR Codes! Let's say you’re a real estate agent hosting an open house. Throughout the day you pass out your business cards with a QR Code on them. This is an easy way for people to save your contact information, and when the cards are scanned, you are tracking and directly measuring the success of the open house.

Create Dynamic QR Codes
A QR Code is called “Dynamic” when the URL landing page of the code is able to be changed at anytime after the QR Code has been created and added to marketing materials. For example, a QR code on a flyer points to the address http://mywebsite.com/QRCodeSeminar to reserve a spot in a QR Code marketing seminar. However, after the seminar is full, the link can then be changed to another URL.

Ultra Dynamic QR Codes
QRC Maker’s Ultra Dynamic QR Code feature allows you to plan your weekly/monthly marketing activities in advance. You can specify the exact date on which your specific content will appear, which is perfect for any kind of product launch date, openings or events that are normally promoted through posters, flyers and other marketing activities. Just schedule your QR Code once and then let it work on its own!
For example, if you are a coffee shop owner that regularly has musical guest on Friday nights, your QR Code can be linked to different content only on Fridays and then automatically revert to the default link. This saves you time and stress in having to set up a new code or edit its link every week.

Location Based QR Codes
Location based QR Codes allow you to redirect users to different links depending on their location. For example, you own a national chain of restaurants and run a magazine ad in multiple states. Users will get a different final URL directing them to the restaurant closest to them based on their location.

This can be especially useful and cost effective for national QR Code campaigns. It also helps to keep you organized, as your analytics and tracking statistics are available in one place.

Smart QR Codes
With QRC Maker’s Smart QR Codes you can easily link your code to multiple mobile platforms with one code, including the Apple App store and Google Play. The code is smart enough to understand the difference between the device that is used to scan it and will direct the user accordingly.

All Codes are Ready for Publication
The vector EPS format provides press ready scalable graphics in a 1-color black separation for the highest quality commercial printing. Enabling the maximum output resolution. EPS codes are fully compatible and ready to use with professional graphic arts applications and prepress workflows.

Create QR Codes in Bulk
Creating QR Codes for hundreds or more products can be a time consuming and daunting task. For those situations QRC Maker provides a simple way to create bulk QR Codes from XML files. Export your items to an XML file and simply upload it to create multiple QR Codes at once.

White Label Solution
You can resell QRC Maker services to your clients as a white label solution- rebranded with your company’s logo! There is a one-time yearly license fee of $500 to offer QRC Maker White Label services to your clients.

  • Customize your account with your company logo
  • Create and export reports on behalf of your clients
  • Add unlimited clients to your account
  • Unlimited branding of QR Codes
  • Use your own domain where clients log-in
  • All communication with you clients comes from you domain and email